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Posted 21st July 2021

A leading provider of home care in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, Respectful Care, has adopted an innovative new app to reward carers and help with recruitment for its Nottingham South branch.

Utilising a referral scheme, Carefriends can benefit those working in the care sector and those looking for opportunities within the industry by providing users with the opportunity to earn credits to be converted to pounds.

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Those who opt to download the app will be rewarded, receiving five credits, which is the equivalent of £5, for their efforts. Designed to encourage care workers to spread the word about the recruitment opportunities within care, there are also further incentives following the initial app installation.

Caregivers using the app can continue to accumulate points by undertaking other tasks. For example, one of the predominant ways that credit can be obtained is by sharing job adverts to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Job shares are actively encouraged, with one job share earning the user three credits, which multiplies at every stage of the recruitment process. For example, if the carer’s friend reaches the post, interviews for the advertised role and stays with the company for three months, the carer’s credits will reach over 200, which is the equivalent of £200.

Users of the app can additionally earn credits for their conduct and performance. Should a care worker demonstrate excellence, perhaps by picking up extra shifts, collecting medication or staying longer at a call for emergencies, they will be rewarded in the form of credit for their efforts.

A leadership board will keep a tally of what each carer is earning, encouraging carers to get involved as well as admin staff, who can earn points for hard work undertaken in the office.

Discussing the new app, Staff Team Leader and Recruitment Manager Hayley Clayton said: "We are thrilled to be using Care Friends. Roles in social care can be hard to fill, especially post-pandemic, so we hope that this innovation will make care-based positions more appealing.

Retention tends to be low in care industries, too. We hope that this initiative will ensure our staff continue to thrive whilst earning some much-deserved extra bonuses for going above and beyond in their roles," Hayley concluded.

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